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Events and Results


First Event of 2021: 

Youth Series Event 1: 22 & 23/05/2021:

U 14 GF: Thandie Nash: Bronze

U17 GE: Amelie Russell: Bronze

U14 GE: Eloise Russell: Bronze

U17 BE: Rhys Jackson: Silver

             Cai Eastwood: 9th

             Charlie Wescott:17th

             Ollie Wescott: 11th

U14BE: Iwan Chillery: Bronze


Although this year has seen the adverse effects that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on our sport the first few months of 2020 saw members of the Vale Millennium Fencing Club competing in Britian and in Europe acheiving some creditable results for themsleves representing the club, Wales and Great Britain. Congratulations to all of you have earned your Welsh and Great Britain patches and stripes.


Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to achieve their BAF Bronze,  Silver awards in foil, epee and sabre and their BF L1, 2 & 3 awards. Well Done all.


Amelie Russell: Selected to represent the Great Britain Epee squad in Finland and Kracow, Poland.

Selected to represent the Wales Junior Squad in Epee at the Youth Fencing Home Nations International which was to be held in England. 

Selected to represent Wales Internationally in Wrateslava in foil and epee.


Cai Eastwood; Selected to represent the Wales Junior Squad at the Youth Fencing Home Nations International.

Selected to represent Wales Internationally in Wrateslva in foil and epee.


Charlie Wescott: Selected to represent the Wales Junior Squad at the Youth Fencing Home International.

Selected to represent Wales Internationally in Wrateslava Epee.


Oliver Wescott: Selected to represent Wales Internationally in Wrateslava in Epee.


Iwan Chillery: Selected to represent Wales Interationally in Wrateslava in Epee.


Ellie Russell: Selected to represent Wales Internationally in Wrateslava in Epee.


Rhys Jackson: Representing Great Britian at Epee in Finland.

Selected to represent the Wales Junior Squad in Epee at the Youth Home International.

Selected to represent Wales Internationally in Wrateslava in Epee.


Matt Russell: Selected to be the Great Britain Junior Foil Team Manager in Italy.

Selected to be the Wales International Team Manager for Epee in Wrateslava.


Lyn Robinson: Selected to be the Great Britain Lead Team Manager for all Junior Foil events and the GBR Lead Team Manager in Italy.

Selected to be the Wales International Epee coach for Wrateslava.


Well Done all. 

Here's to a successful 2021. 


This year saw a number of the Vale fencers compete in various events around the country, some gaining their regional Welsh colours (Stripes), others their Junior and Senior Welsh colours (Patches) and Cadet and Senior/Veteran Great Britain Country Colours. Special mention to Amelie Russell who was selected for the Senior Welsh Winton Squad and also for the Youth Home Nations Fencing International (Formerly part of the School Games) which took place in Ireland and coming home with a Silver medal in the Team Foil event. Congratulations to Rhys Jackson on his selection to the Youth Home Nations Fencing International in Epee. Congratulations to both on gaining your full Welsh Country colours.


Amelie Russell for her selection to represent Great Britain Cadet Epee Squad at Krakow and for her earlier selection as reserve for the Great Britian Cadet Epee squad for Copenhagen.


Congratulations to Cai Eastwood, Charlie Wescott and Amelie Russell for their selection to represent the Welsh Region in the annual regional Cadet Winton Cup in epee. 

Congratulations also go to Rhys Jackson for his selection although he had since declined his place in the squad.

Further congratulations to those selected to represent Wales at the International Challenge Wrateslava. Iwan Chillery, Cai Eastwood, Charlie Wescott, Oliver Wescott, Amelie Russell, Eloise Russel and to Rhys Jackson who has since declined his place. Congratulatiosn also go to Matt Russell appointed as Welsh Epee Team Manager and Lyn Robinson appointed as Welsh Epee Team coach.


Leon Paul Junior Series Events: LPJS Final Rankings 2019


LPJS:   U15 Boys Epee                                               LPJS: U15 Girls Epee

7th Rhys Jackson                                                         1st Amelie Russell

23rd Cai Eastwood                                                     

47th Oliver Wescott                                                     U11 Girls Epee

47th Charlie Wescott                                                   6th Eloise Russell

47th Dan Smith                                                           

                                                                                    U15 Girls Foil

U13 boys Epee:                                                           6th Amelie Russell

4th Cai Eastwood                                                       

11th Charlie Wescott                                                   U13 Girls Foil:

14th Oliver Wescott                                                     19th Thandile Nash

21st Iwan Chillery                                                      

32nd Henry Parry                                                         U11 Girls Foil

32nd Evan Thompson                                                   22nd Eloise Russell

43rd Daniel Hill

                                                                                    U11 Girls Sabre

U11 boys Epee:                                                           13th Eloise Russell

26th  Danny James                                                      



U13th boys Foil:                                                        

22nd Cai Eastwood

Elite Epee Series:

U12 Girls:                                                                   U14 Girls

11th Eloise Russell                                                       2nd  Amelie Russell                  


Elite Epee Grand Finale: Invitation Only: Amelie Russell BRONZE (3rd)


U14 Boys:

10th Rhys Jackson       31st Cai Eastwood

Welsh Youth Events: Foil/Epee/Sabre:

                                                                        U12 Girls Foil: 1st Thandile Nash

                                                                                             2nd Eloise Russell

U14 Boys Foil: 2nd Cai Eastwood                          U14 Girls Foil: 1st  Amelie Russell


U12 Boys Epee:

2nd Iwan Cillery                                                  U12 Girls Epee: 1st Eloise Russell

3rd Henry Parry                                                  U12 Girls Sabre: 2nd Eloise Russell

3rd Evan Thompson


U14 Boys Epee:                                                 U14 Girls Epee: 1st Amelie Russell

1st Rhys Jackson

2nd Charlie Wescott                                            U14 Girls Sabre: 1st Amelie Russell

3rd Oliver Wescott

3rd Cai Eastwood

5th Daniel Hill


Welsh British Youth Qualifiers:                      

U12 Boys Epee:                                                          U12 Girls Epee:

2nd Iwan Chillery                                                         1st Eloise Russell

3rd Evan Thompson


U14 Boys Epee:                                                          U14 Girls Epee:

1st Rhys Jackson                                                          1st Amelie Russell

2nd Cai Eastwood                                                       

3rd Charlie Wescott                                                                

3rd Oliver Wescott                                                       U12 Girls Foil:

6th Daniel Hill                                                              1st Thandile Nash


U14 Boys Foil:                                                            U14 Girls Foil:

3rd Cai Eastwood                                                        1st Amelie Russell

5th Oliver Wescott

8th Charlie Wescott                                                     U14 Girls Sabre:

                                                                                    2nd Amelie Russell



British Youth Championship Finals:

U12 Boys Epee:                                                          U12 Girls Epee:

33rd Iwan Chillery                                                       10th Eloise Russell


U14 Boys Epee:                                                          U14 Girls Epee:

7th Rhys Jackson                                                         7th Amelie Russell

50th Oliver Wescott                                                    

52nd Charlie Wescott

54th Cai Eastwood                                                      U14 Girls Sabre:

                                                                                    18th Amelie Russell

U14 Boys Foil:                                                            U14 Girls Foil:

40th Cai Eastwood                                                      16th Amelie Russell


                                                                                    U12 Girls Foil:

                                                                                    Thandile Nash

Dunstan Foil and Epee:

U14 Girls: 1st Amelie Russell                          Combined U14: 1st Amelie Russell

U14 Boys: 3rd Oliver Wescott                                                 7th Charlie Wescott

                3rd Charlie Wescott                                              8th  Oliver Wescott


U12 Boys: 5th Iwan Chillery (7th in the combined)

U12 Girls: 1st Eloise Russell (3rd in the combined)


Cocksmoor Woods Epee:

U13 Boys:

14th Iwan Chillery

Independent and Public Schools (IAPS)


Champion at Arms U14: Amelie Russell

Champion at Arms U11: Eloise Russell


Amelie Russell: U13 Girls Foil Silver: U13 Girls Epee Gold:   U13 Girls Sabre Gold

Eloise Russell: U11 Girls Foil  9th : U11 Girls Epee Bronze   : U11 Girls Sabre Silver


Public Schools:


Champion at Arms Mount Haes: 3rd Amelie Russell


Amelie Russell: Mount Haes foil:  10th         Mount Haes Epee: 5th      Mount Haes Sabre: 10th


Challenge Wrateslava 2019: Poland International

U13 Boys Epee                                                           U15 Girls Epee

114th Rhys Jackson                                                     142nd Amelie Russell

174th Cai Eastwood                                                   


U13 Boys Foil                                                             U15 Girls Foil

174th Cai Eastwood                                                    119th Amelie Russell



Cadet British Ranking Epee Event: GBR Ranking

London BRC: 30th  Amelie Russell

Cardiff BRC 1: 33rd Amelie Russell

Leon Paul BRC 1: 14th Amelie Russell

Cadet Nationals: Amelie Russell

Leon Paul BRC 2: 15th Amelie Russell

Cardiff BRC 2: 8th Amelie Russell


GBR Cadet Epee Ranking: Dec 2019: 15th Amelie Russell


London BRC: Rhys Jackson 32nd

Cardiff BRC 1: Rhys Jackson

Joint 34th Oliver Wecott & Charlie Wescott

36th Cai Eastwood

Leon Paul BRC 1: 33rd Rhys Jackson

Cadet Nationals: Rhys Jackson

Leon Paul BRC 2: Rhys Jackson

Cardiff BRC 2: Rhys Jackson 33rd


GBR Overall GBR Cadet Epee Ranking: Dec 2019:

Rhys Jackson 38th 

Joint 50th Charlie Wescott, Oliver Wescott, 51st Cai Eastwood.


Welsh Youth League rankings:November 2019

Epee: U15 Girls (Welsh Youth League overall Victor 2019) 1st Place Amelie Russell

Top U11 Girl: Eloise Russell

2nd Rhys Jackson

4th place overall/ 2nd place U13 boy: Charlie Wescott (NB for Wrateslava he is U15)

5th place overall/3rd place U13 boy: Cai Eastwood (NB for Wrateslava he is U15)

6th place overall/4th place U13 boy: Oliver Wescott (NB for Wrateslava he is U15)

7th place overall/5th place U13 boy: Iwan Chillery (NB for Wrateslava he is U13)

8th place overall/6th place U13 boy: Henry Parry

8th Place overall/7th place U13 boy: Evan Thompson

8th Place overall/8th place U13 boy: Daniel Hill

8th place overall/8th place U11 boy: Danny James


Welsh Youth league rankings: Foil

2nd Place overall/1st place U15 girls: Amelie Russell

4th Place overall/1st place U11 girls: Thandile Nash

5th Place overall/2nd place U11 girls: Eloise Russell

6th Place overall/3rd place U13 boy: Cai Eastwood

Joint 15th Place overall/9th U13 boys: Charlie & Oliver Wescott


Welsh Youth League rankings: Sabre:

4th overall/ 2nd U11 girl: Eloise Russell

5th overall/2nd U15 girl: Amelie Russell


Even the Adults had things to celebrate in 2019.

Lyn Robinson:

GBR World Championship Cairo (Veteran) Individual Sabre: 24th 


GBR Veteran ranking: Sabre: 4th Foil 17th : Epee:16th


GBR Senior Ranking Epee: 174th

GBR Senior Ranking Sabre: 115th


European Ranking (Veteran): Foil: 17th Sabre; 17th Epee: 42nd

World Ranking: Sabre 9th in age group and 24th overall.

Commonwealth Ranking (Veteran): 7th Foil, 18th Epee, 18th Sabre

Elite Epee Veterans: End of season

O8th Lyn Robinson: 10th Saskia Blair

Elite Epee (Millfield event): Bronze.


Wellington Senior Open; Sabre: 13th Matt Russell: Lyn Robinson: 3rd (Bronze)


Dunstan Veterans Foil (mixed): Lyn Robinson 5th

Dunstan Veterans Ladies Foil: Lyn Robinson 3rd (Bronze)

Dunstan Open Epee (Mixed): Saskia Blair 10th : Chris Wescott 13th

Dunstan Veterans Epee Ladies: Saskia Blair 5th

Dunstan Veterans Epee Mens: Chris Wescott 6th


Hampshire Open Sabre: 7th Lyn Robinson


Lyn Robinson: BVF Age groups: Sabre 4th

BVF Championships Sabre 7th

European Veterans Championships: Foil 17th, Sabre 17th, Epee 42nd






Congratulations to Amelie Russell 53rd out of 151 in the Epee Challenge Wrateslava event, Poland 22/3/18

Well done to Cai eastwood on acheiving 168 out of 203 in the Epee Challenge Wrateslava event, Poland 23/3/18

Leon Paul Junior Series Organised Events:​


LPJS Foil LPJS Epee LPJS Sabre


Cornwall Foil 11/2/2018

Bristol Foil 17/2/2018

Durham Foil 24/3/2018

London Foil 7 - 8 /4/2018

WVF Welsh Foil 8/7/2018


Cornwall Epee 10/2/2018

Cardiff Epee 12/5/2018

Durham Epee 25/3/2018


Fairfield Epee 27/5/2018

Stratford Sabre 21/1/2018

London Sabre 4/2/2018

Cornwall Sabre 11/2/2018

Durham Sabre25/3/2018

Camden Sabre 13/5/2018





Congratulations to all Vale club members who competed on the GB LPJS series of events in 2017, acheiving some very creditable results and are all in the top 100 of the end of year rankings.

U9 Epee U11 Epee U13 Epee U15 Epee
Eloise Russell 3rd Cai Eastwood 4th Amelie Russell 8th Dan Smith 38th
Phoebe Baker 8th Oliver Wescott 16th   Ben Sutton 39th
  Charlie Wescott 16th   Matthew Rebhan 55th
  Joe Casey 20th    
U9 Foil U11 Foil U13 Foil U15 Foil
Eloise Russell 10th Cai Eastwood 24th Phoebe Baxter 38th Dan Smith 67th
Phoebe Baker 22nd Charlie Wescott 73rd Amelie Russell 57th  
  Oliver Wescott 73rd    


For those wishing to compete the following sites are useful:


Leon Paul Junior Series:


Elite epee junior series:


Welsh Fencing:


British Fencing:


Welsh Fencing Organised Events:


British Youth Championships (BYC's) Qualifiers: Sports Wales, Welsh Institute of Sport, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff.


Sunday 11th February- Epee: Amelie Russell, Gold. Cai Eastwood, Gold.

Sunday 8th February - Sabre: Amelie Russell, Silver.

Sunday 25th February - Foil: Amelie Russell, Bronze, Cai Eastwood, Bronze, Charlie Wescott, Bronze.


Congratulations to the following, for attending (in some cases their first competion): 

Sunday April 8th: Welsh Youth Foil: Eloise Russell, Gold. Amelie Russell, Bronze, Charlie Wescott, Silver, Cai Eastwood, Bronze.

Sunday April 15th: Welsh Youth Epee: Eloise Russell, Gold. Phoebe Baker, Silver. Rhys Amos, Gold, Danny James, Silver. Cai Eastwood, Silver, Christopher Rebhan, Bronze. Amelie Russell, Silver. Elis Rees, Gold. Cai Brookes, Silver, Matthew Rebhan, Bronze.

Sunday April22nd: Welsh Youth Sabre


British Fencing Organised Events:

U12/U14/U16/U18 BYC Finals: 5th,6th, 7th May (You must qualify to compete in this competition)

Congratulations to the following who have qualified for this event, we wish them every success:

Amelie Russell, Cai Eastwood, Charlie Wescott.


Sunday 25th February BYC U10 Epee Finals. 

Congratulations to Eloise Russell acheiving a last eight placing at the U10 Epee British Youth Championships final, she now has a confirmed entry to the U12 event in 2019.


Sunday 22nd April BYC U10 Sabre finals: Good luck to Eloise Russell competing in this event.


Sunday 20th May BYC U10 Foil Finals: Good luck to Eloise Russell competing in this event. 


Congratulations to Amelie Russell and Cai Eastwood on their selections for the U13 Welsh "Challenge Wrateslava" Squad for epee. We wish them every success at the event in March.


Congratulations to Matt Russell on his recent Sabre coaching qualification, please welcome Matt to the coaching team as our Sabre coach.


Congratulations to Eloise Russell on her Gold medal placement at the first U10 Elite Epee event of the 2018 season. 


Congratulations also to Amelie Russell on her 12th place in her first outing in the older (U14)Elite Epee age category, she was one of the youngest attending.


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