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About us

At the Vale Fencing Club we like to engender a love of the sport. For us, it's not all about serious training: we love it when our fencers win, but we're just as enthusiastic about our groups that meet for fun.

Anyone is welcome to join us. Our qualified coaches are team members just like anyone else and will be happy to tell you more about the sport activities and help you find the place that's right for you.

We're always happy to welcome new members who are interested in joining in.


For those just beginning the sport Vale fencing club provides all the necessary kit, which meets current BF safety standards. However, please wear long jogging/tracksuit trousers and trainers.


When you feel that you have progressed sufficiently to begin to purchase your own kit, we recommend that you start with a glove and a pair of breeches, as all other kit can be continued to be borrowed free of charge including electrics for competitions. Please ask as our coaches will be willing to offer advice on kit.


All our members abide by the British Fencing Code of Conduct for fencers, coaches, parents.

British Fencing Membership


When joining the Vale club we will ask your permission to administer your details on the British Fencing website.


For the first year the cost of the Vale Fencing club membership will include the cost of a STARTER membership, this is the minimum level of membership that allows fencing to take place.


After the first year there are 2 separate payments, one to British Fencing for continuing membership to the sports Governing Body, the other is for continuing Vale Fencing Club membership.


Please read the downloadable files on Membership types and Insurance.


Membership of British Fencing is compulsory, Welsh members will automatically be registered as members of Welsh Fencing.


British Fencing 2021 Levels of membership and cost:


Supporter and Starter

Volunteers, Fans, Supporters and Parents

£15.50 (Over 18)
£12.00 (Under 18)

Entry Level for Clubs & Schools (C/Ss)

£19.50 (Over 18)
£13.00 (Under 18)



Basic Recreational for Fencers in Clubs & Schools

£30.50 (Over 18)
£19.50 (Under 18)



For fencers competing

£60.00 (Adult Compete)
£44.50 (Under 20 Compete)
£34.50 (Under 14 Complete)

*Please Note: Previous Under 13 Compete membership category is now Under 14 Compete



Vale Fencing Club Annual Membership fee




Vale Millennium Fencing Club Annual Membership fee: 24.00 per person (equivalent to 2.00 per month)

Family discount available.



This is a separate ANNUAL fee distinct from the Vale Spa & Resort membership fee and British membership fee as the club is a community club - not owned or administered by the Vale Hotel Spa & Resort, this fee to which we respectfully ask members to contribute is to enable the club to continue to run effectively.


Weekly fees of 4.00 are taken by reception at the Vale Resorrt to pay for the hire of the venue (member and non member pre-booking is essential due to space considerations)

This 4.00 fee is NOT applicable to Vale Spa & Resort members.


Private sessions - By prior arrangement: Saturday afternoons only.


What will the Vale Fencing Club use the annual fees for?


- Annual membership of the club to British Fencing.

- Upkeep/upgrading/maintainance of club fencing kit to comply with British Fencing safety standards.

-Fencing Awards.


British Fencing Membership explained.doc
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What will you choose? Epee, Foil or Sabre?

Fencing is a sport that is played using a sword like weapon in the hands of the players. The sport is played as a duel between two players but, unlike the practice of ancient soldiers and princes hitting enemies with their swords to kill and emerge victorious, the sport of fencing relies on agile movements and touching opponent’s body parts with weapons given to the players. The three weapons in fencing are Epee, Foil, and Sabre that confuse many. We actively encourage our members to try all the disciplines to find with which they feel more of an affinity.


Modern fencing is more of a ballet dance on grounded mettalic piste where opponents try to outwit each other through speed and skills rather than brandishing sword as in movies or hitting the opponent with the intention of causing wounds. The players are so agile and their movements are so fast that their touches against each other’s bodies are recorded electronically.

Epee is a heavy weapon that is used by the players in a thrusting movement, and the aim is to touch the body parts of the opponent with the tip of the weapon rather than its blade. Epee looks like a sword and is quite heavy. It has a large guard to avoid being hit on the hand by an opponent. Points are scored by touches recorded electronically and the entire body of a player is considered valid in case of Epee fencing. This is why deft footwork and agility of a player are required in this form of fencing as both players avoid being hit by Epee and indulge in attack and defense.


The blade of a foil is rectangular and flexible and about 35 inches in length. Foil can score points only when its tip touches the torso of the opponent. The target areas are from shoulders to the groin in front as well as the back portion of the opponent and the bib of the mask.

A player gets no points if the foil touches the head, arms, or the legs of the opponent.

In foil fencing, both players have to wear a uniform that has a metallic vest (Lame) which covers the entire area that is valid. The foils in the hands of the two players are connected with the scoring machine that records touches made with foils.

Foil is a "Priority" weapon, with attacks, parries and ripostes taking place at great speed.


The length and weight of this weapon are same as that of a foil, and it looks like a true sword. The difference lies in the fact that, in Sabre fencing, the blade is also used, in addition to its tip. Thus, a Sabre can be used both as a thrusting weapon as well as a cutting one. The target area in Sabre fencing is from the hip bend up to the head of the opponent and the lame jacket worn by the players covers this target are so as to help in recording touches made by Sabre.

Sabre is also a "Priority" weapon with attacks, parries, ripostes, counter attacks taking place at great speed.

Minimum Kit Requirements



GROUP A: All adults fencing with a SIZE 5 electric blade or a SIZE 5 Epee with solid dummy point MUST wear:

350N Jacket, 800N underplastron, 350N breeches, 350N Mask bib, glove.

Mask wires for foil/sabre.


GROUP B: Children or Adults fencing with SIZE 3 or smaller electric blade and ALL NON-ELECTRIC equipment MUST wear a MINIMUM of:

350N Jacket, (OR 350N Jacket WITH integrated 350N underplastron), 350N separate underplastron, 350N breeches/trousers, 350N Mask bib, glove.


Group C: INTERNATIONAL fencers entered into FIE events, Cadet/Junior/Senior/Veteran World Championships, European championships,CFF Commonwealth Fencing Championships, World Cup events.

800N Jacket, Breeches, Underplastron. 1600N Mask Bib with 2 strap closure system

FIE blades for ALL 3 weapons, Sabre gloves MUST be CEN2. 

Foil & Sabre bodywires MUST have 2 pin inside guard sockets, plugs must be clear, mask wires.

Epee inside guard sockets MUST have 2 separate holes for the blade wires to pass through.



NB In order to fence on the electric scoring equipment at the VALE you MUST be wearing breeches.

Weapon sizes

Foil Epee Sabre
U10 Size 0 U10 Size 0 U10 Size 0

U12 & U14 Size 3

Competitive Cadet/Junior/Adult Size 5

U12 & U14 Size 2

Competitive Cadet/Junior/Adult Size 5

U12 & U14 Size 3

Competitive Cadet/Junior/Adult Size 5


Kit for sale


PTBAll kit offered for sale has be thoroughly checked to comply with current safety regulations.

All kit has been laundered.

NB All kit is second hand and is not in factory perfect condition, some marking, wear is visible, kit is free from rips, tears, holes. This does not affect the durability of the kit.


If you have kit which you would like to advertise through the club please speak to Lyn or Matt.




Childs Leon Paul RH 350N Phoenix range size 36 chest  40.00  SOLD

Childs Leon Paul RH 350N Phoenix range size 30 chest 50.00

Childs Allstar RH 800N 32 chest 60.00

Ladies RH Leon Paul 350N Phoenix range 40inch chest 40.00


Underplastron: 800N Junior size (Not lightweight) NEW: £35.00


Gloves: CEN1, NEW £10 each, small, medium, large, Right & Left handed available.



Adult RH 350N Uhlmann waist 34/36inch 25.00

Childs RH Swordpricefighters 350N Competition range 28 inch waist 15.00

Childs RH Swordprice fighters 350N Competition range 30 inch waist 15.00 SOLD

Childs RH Swordpricefighters 350N Competitions range 34 inch wasit 15.00 SOLD

Childs RH Leon Paul Phoenix range 350N 30 inch waist 40.00

Childs RH Leon Paul 800N 32734 inch waist 45.00



Duellist Medium 350N size Medium 25.00

LP 350N Size Small 40.00

PBT "Red" mesh 350N Size Medium 30.00



Foil/Epee/Sabre: Electric only

RH/LH size 2 Epee (Suitable for children over 10) - 20.00 each

RH/LH size 0 Epee (suitable for children under 10) - 20.00 each

RH/LH size 3 Foil (Suitable for children over 10) - 20.00 each

RH/LH size 0 Foil (suitable for children under 10) - 20.00 each

RH size 0 Sabre blade - 20.00

RH Size 5 FIE Foil - 35.00 

RH Size 5 non fie foil - 20.00


Bodywires & Bags:

Leon Paul Freerunner wheeled bag (RED colour), almost perfect condition, couple of grubby marks, zips/wheels perfect working order. cost new 108.00 inc VAT, second hand price 60.00

Leon Paul kit bag carry (Not wheeled) colour BLACK, very good condition, bit grubby, all zips in working order, no tears or rips. 25.00

Two tone red/beige guitar shaped LP Fencing kit bag: £15.00

Epee bodywires 15.00 each

Foil bodywires: bayonet fitting 10.00 each, two pin 15.00 each

Policy Documents

Please find attached our policy documents which are also available in Welsh.

Addendum to the BFA Safeguarding/Child Protection Policy with detail specific to Welsh Fencing and Welsh Safeguarding Legislation.


Everyone in Wales has the right to take part in sport – and to do so in a safe environment. 

It is a sad fact that some young people and adults at risk have experienced abuse and/or poor practice when participating in sport. And of course, some children or adults who take part in sport may be experiencing abuse outside of sport - at home or within the wider community.

Substantial progress has been made in the safeguarding of children and adults at risk in sport, but we cannot be complacent when it comes to keeping people safe.

In conjunction with Welsh Fencing, Vale Millennium Fencing Club is committed to securing high standards for safeguarding and child protection in Wales. The CPSU is commissioned by Sport Wales to implement a set of standards for sports organisations in Wales. These are called the Standards for Safeguarding and Protecting Children in and through Sport in Wales.

As part of the process to work towards the standards, the CPSU work with governing bodies and other sports organisations on aspects such as safeguarding policies, action plans for communication with people taking part in their sport, and safeguarding education and training.

Welsh Fencing has achieved Level 1 of the Standards and is working towards Level 2 currently and will pass on details to Welsh Clubs.

How can Welsh fencing and Vale Millennium Club help keep children safe?

Coaches, volunteers and officials are in the privileged position of having an opportunity to build strong relationships with people in their care and are therefore well placed to recognise signs that a child or adult may be being abused.

This can be achieved by being aware of the risks which abusers or potential abusers may pose, being aware of any signs that might suggest someone is experiencing abuse and responding to any concerns effectively.

Sports organisations should recognise the importance of ensuring the right procedures are in place that outline the appropriate steps to take in the event of a concern. It is also essential to make sure that organisations have comprehensive policies and are up to date with practical guidance that promotes the welfare of children and adults at risk and minimises any identifiable risks within the sports environment.

The framework for sports clubs in Wales makes it clear that:

"At a national level child protection procedures are consistent with Safeguarding Children: Working Together under the Children Act 2004 (Welsh Assembly Government 2006), and the All Wales Child Protection Procedures 2008. At a local level there is a need to be aware of local safeguarding children board (LSCB) arrangements and contacts."

Welsh Fencing and Vale Millennium Fencing Club recognise that the legislation in Wales differs from England and that Welsh Safeguarding procedures were updated in 2014:

All Welfare Officers should have access to and use the Wales Safeguarding Procedures App. This is the website version:

The Club Solutions website also provides guidance and forms and they are available bilingually which is a legal requirement in accordance with the Welsh Language Act 2015.  We do have Welsh speaking fencers that when upset might find it easier to express their concerns in their first language.

The website can be accessed by: and you can change the language on the top bar.

To find the overall Policy and Process for Welsh Fencing, follow this link: Safeguarding Policy and Resources

Policies are currently being updated and will appear here as each is completed.

VMFC Safeguarding Policy and Resources.d[...]
Microsoft Word document [31.5 KB]
VMFC Privacy Policy.doc
Microsoft Word document [41.5 KB]


Vale Fencing Club


The Vale Resort,

Hensol Park, Hensol.

Vale of Glamorgan.

CF72 8JY


Prior Booking is essential via Matt or Lyn at uk

Want to become a member?

Contact: email

Lyn Robinson at

Matt Russell at

or come for a "taster Session" this os only available on a Saturday morning from 0930-10.30am and pre-booking is essential with Lyn or Matt.

Club Commitee

Chair: Lyn Robinson

Vice Chair & Secretary: Matt Russell

Treasurer/First Aid & Club Physio: Saskia Blair

Welfare Officers: Lynne Schoen & Richard Carbis


Training Times: Saturday: Please refer to Covid Information page at this time. 


Cadets/Juniors interested in registering an interest to fence for Wales at the forthcoming Cadet/Junior CFF Commonwealth Fencing Championships to be held in Raipur, India during the August/Sept 2021 please visit the Welsh Fencing website to view the criteria and find out how to send an expression of interest in the selection day.

Kit Suppliers

Allstar-Uhlmann at

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