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Dear All,
It is with regret that we have to inform you that due to the current situation and taking into account Government and British Fencing advice our club will be closed for the foreseeable future for sessions on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings.
Matt and I shall be monitoring the situation and will advise you of any changes when they are known.
If you want to continue to maintain your training at home we will be sending you some suggestions in the next few days on what you can do: 
Areas to work on:
Footwork : The Footwork training MP3
Specific training aids
Some video links of specific techniquess
Glossary of fencing terms.
Paperwork to help with preparing for the Refereeing L1 & 2 exams
"How to" Armoury and maintain your personal kit. (With pictures!)
We hope that this measure will be not be required for too long and will look forward to seeing everyone as soon as we are able.
If you have any questions, including extra fencing work please do not hesitate to contact us.
Best wishes to everyone.
Lyn & Matt

Keep Fit with fencing.

The modern sport of fencing has been included in every Olympic Games since Baron de Coubertin revived the ancient games in 1896.

At the highest level. fencing is physically demanding, requiring intense concentration and tactical awareness. However. many fencers who never aspire to Olympic heights regularly attend clubs and compete at regional and national levels.

Some find fencing an excellent way of maintaining general fitness without the risk of injury. The sport suits men, women and children of all ages, and is one of the few physical activities in which males and females take part on equal terms.

Fencing often appeals to those who are reluctant to take part in team games. They enjoy the individuality of the sport, matching their own skill, speed and intellect against those of an opponent. Others enjoy the aesthetic pleasure of perfecting and performing disciplined movements correctly, and studying the theory and language of fencing for achievement awards.

In addition to providing fencing as a social activity, we actively encourage our members to attend other clubs if they are able and to participate in the Welsh Fencing locally organised closed youth and senior competitions as a start to competitive fencing; some of our members then venture onto the British Fencing circuit, experiencing success in the Leon Paul Junior Series (LPJS), the Elite Epee events and British Fencing Cadet, Junior, Senior and Veteran events with some of our members representing Wales and Great Britain at cadet, junior, senior and Veteran level at Regional, National, Commonwealth and International events.

British Fencing Membership


When joining the Vale club we will ask your permission to administer your details on the British Fencing website.


For the first year the cost of the Vale Fencing club membership will include the cost of a STARTER membership, this is the minimum level of membership that allows fencing to take place.


After the first year there are 2 separate payments, one to British Fencing for continuing membership to the sports Governing Body, the other is for continuing Vale Fencing Club membership.


Please read the downloadable files on Membership types and Insurance.


Membership of British Fencing is compulsory, Welsh members will automatically be registered as members of Welsh Fencing.


British Fencing Levels of membership and cost:



Supporter and Starter

Volunteers, Fans, Supporters and Parents

£15.50 (Over 18)
£12.00 (Under 18)

Entry Level for Clubs & Schools (C/Ss)

£19.50 (Over 18)
£13.00 (Under 18)



Basic Recreational for Fencers in Clubs & Schools

£30.50 (Over 18)
£19.50 (Under 18)



For fencers competing

£60.00 (Adult Compete)
£44.50 (Under 20 Compete)
£34.50 (Under 14 Complete)

*Please Note: Previous Under 13 Compete membership category is now Under 14 Compete



Vale Fencing Club Annual Membership.



Membership Category    

Vale Fencing Club Annual Cost 


Weekly session Fees (member & Visitor-Pre-booking via Vale reception is essential)

Private Sessions - By prior arrangement:Saturday afternoons only. 






What will The Vale Fencing Club use the annual members fee for?

- Annual payment of the British Fencing Club membership fee.

- Up-keep/up-grading fencing kit to comply to current BF safety standards.

- Fencing Awards

British Fencing Membership explained.doc
Microsoft Word document [44.0 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [404.2 KB]


Great Britain International Selection


Congratulations to Amelie Russell on her selection to the Great Britain Cadet Squad for the Krakow, Poland, European International in February 2020. Amelie made the qualification for the squad after her recent top eight finish at the last British Ranking Cadet circuit event in Cardiff on Decemeber 15th. Amelie is one of the youngest members of the GB squad, she  had previously been the reserve for the GB squad for Copenhagen and Brateslava.

Welsh Cadet International Selection


Congratulations to the following Vale fencers who have been selected to represent Wales at the International Challenge Wrateslava event in March 2020, competing against the top fencers in Europe, Americas, Asia, earning their Welsh Stripe.

Iwan Chillery U13 Epee

Cai Eastwood U15 Epee & Foil

Amelie Russell U15 Epee & Foil

Eloise Russell U13 Epee

Charlie Wescott U15 Epee

Oliver Wescott U15 Epee

We wish them all the very best.


Welsh Regional Cadet Winton Team Selection

Fencing Fun

Vale fencers represented the Welsh Region at the recent Regional Cadet Winton Cup, held in Millfield School, Street, Somerset on the weekend of 14th/15th December, for most it is the first time they have represented the Welsh Region against nine other British regions in this unique, fun, friendly team event.

Amelie Russell Epee

Cai Eastwood Epee

Charlie Wescott Epee


Regular Sessions: When and Where

Vale fencing club runs throughout the year with the exception of Christmas and New Year.


Studio 2: 

Saturday mornings: 

09.30 am to 10.30 am Beginners and novices.


10.00 am to 12.00 am Intermediate/Experienced/Competative children & Adult.

From 12.30 onward Individual lessons only via prior arrangement.

Lessons are of 30min duration.

The Vale Fencing coaches do not charge a fee for these sessions. 


Studio 2: 

Friday evenings:

4.30pm to 5.30pm Beginners and Novices-children aged 6 to 14.

6.00pm to 7.30pm Beginner/Intermediate Adult.

7.30pm to 8.30 Individual sessions.



For Health & Safety, Welfare and Fire regulations an attendance register is taken at every session.


If we have to cancel a session plenty of notice will be given e.g. Holidays, coaches attending International Events.


Regular Booking and Session Cost

Prior booking with the Vale resort sport reception is essential as spaces are limited. Please pre-book one week in advance through:


The Vale Resort,

Hensol Park, Hensol.

Vale of Glamorgan.

CF72 8JY

01443 667800


Please Contact Lyn or Matt via email prior to booking:


Car Parking, changing facilities and showers available


The Vale Resort, which hosts the Vale fencing club currently charge £4 per session, which is payable on entry to the Vale Sports complex on arrival, please check in at reception. This is payable to the Vale Resort not Vale Fencing Club.


Visitors to the club are welcome, cost to visistors is £4 per session, payable at Vale reception.


Beginner's Courses and "Taster" sessions.

Beginner's courses are of 6 weeks duration.

All equipment will be provided for these sessions. 



Children's Mini Fence courses: Studio 2:

Minimum Age 6 years.

Friday from  4.30pm to 5.30pm


Next Adult Beginner Course: Fridays Dates and Times TBA



Vale Racquet and Sports Club members: each session is free but there is a cost for each course. This is £30.00 this includes annual Recreational British Fencing membership - mandatory for Insurance purposes, use of all kit, tuition.


Non Vale Racquet and Sports club members the cost will be £4.00 per session payable at the Vale reception and the cost of the course, £30.00 this includes annual Recreational British Fencing membership - mandatory for Insurance purposes, use of all kit, tuition.



At the end of beginner's courses members are encouraged to stay and participate in the regular training sessions. All kit is still provided untill members begin to purchase their own kit.


"Taster" Session: This is a one off session which is only available on Saturday Morning from 09.30am to 10.30am. Vale racquet members free, non members £4.00 payable at Reception. All kit and tuition is provided for the single session.

What to wear/bring to a "Beginner's Course" or a "Taster" session.


A single FREE "taster" session is only available at the Vale on a Saturday morning between  9.30 am and 10.30am.

For a "Taster" session and Beginner's courses and subsequent sessions please wear:

Long jogging or tracksuit bottoms.

T-Shirt (long or short sleeved, please NO strappy t-shirts)



Please bring a towel, or wipes, drinks bottle, regular medication if needed, e.g. Inhalers for Asthma, Diabetes medication, Cardiac medication.


Vale fencing club provides all the essential kit for new members to begin the sport, complying to British Fencing regulations and safety standards,  we do ask that members will eventually begin to purchase their own kit.

What to expect in a usual session

A Typical training session structure:

Warm-up and general fitness, through specific games the focus is on improving core strength and stamina.


Warm-ups are dependant on the age group/needs of those attending (One style of warm-up does not suit all)


Footwork session


Small group lessons geared to the individual weapon characteristics.


Individual lessons to improve knowledge, understanding, techniques and tactical applications of each weapon.


Sparring on and off the electrical scoring apparatus.


Scenario fencing.


Some sessions will also include Referee education under Referee assessor Lyn Robinson and assisted by Matt Russell.


Armoury (equipment fault finding/ maintainence) with coaches and local British Fencing armourer..


Please see the calendar for the schedule for these extra sessions.



Fencing Awards:

British Fencing and BAF Fencing Awards in Foil, Epee and Sabre.


There are three lelvels to acheive in the BF Mini-Fence Awards.


There are seven levels to acheive the BF Fencing awards.


There are three levels of award for the BAF syllabus: Bronze, Silver and Gold.


Certificates and Badges are awarded for acheiving these levels.


Refereering Awards:

Specific refereeing courses leading to acheiving Level 1 and Level 2 awards in Foil, Epee and Sabre.


Armoury: Equipment maintainance:

Courses in basic equipmenet maintainance leading to obtaining basic armoury certificate.


Duke of Edinburgh:

We work closely with our students who wish to use Fencing as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Our Coaches

British Fencing and Britisih Academy of Fencing Accreditated Coaches.


Our coaches are volunteers and are BF/BFA qualified, have current Enhanced DBS checks, First Aid certificates, Sports Wales 

Safeguarding & Protecting certificates and are on the current British Fencing coaches, referees, GBR Team Managers and Welfare Officers register.

  • Lyn Robinson - BF/BFA Qualified Coach; Foil & Epee, BF Referee & Referee Assessor, GBR Fencing Lead Performance Team Manager & GBR Athlete Development Team Manager.
  • Matt Russell - BF Qualified Coach; Sabre. BF Referee, GBR Performance Team Manager.
  • Owain Carbis - BF Qualified Coach Epee.
  • Daniel Schoen - BF Qualified Coach Epee

Welfare: Lynne Schoen & Richard Carbis


Registered Physiotherapist: Saskia Blair


Coaches attend regular coaching courses to improve their own professional development.

Fencers, parents and coaches all adhere to the British Fencing Code of Conduct.

Premises are regularly inspected to ensure they meet Health & Safety guidelines and recommendations.

Welfare, Safeguarding and First Aid/Physio

Accreditated Welfare, Safeguarding, First Aid and Physio support.

Club Welfare and Safeguarding officers and Club Physio are volunteers they are BF/BFA qualified, have current Enhanced DBS checks, First Aid certificates, Sports Wales Safeguarding & Protecting certificates and are on the current British Fencing Welfare Officers register.


Welfare & Safeguarding: Lynne Schoen & Richard Carbis

Physio: Saskia Blair (Registered practicing GB Fencing physio, Wales disabled Rugby physio)


The club Welfare officers and Physio undergo regulare CPD to maintain their qualifications.


The Vale club has adopted Welsh Fencing and British Fencing Policies and Guidance for Clubs.


General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR 5/18), the club adheres to the updated Data protection regulations.


Fencing Kit

Necessary Fencing kit

Getting your own Fencing kit (eventually) is necessary to compete at events and to fence using the scoring eqipment.


Basic Kit: ALL

350N CEN1 Jacket 

350N CEN1 Breeches

350N Underplastron (Children U13)

800N Underplastron (Adults and children over 13)

350N CEN 1 Mask.

350N CEN 1 Glove 

Long socks, must fit to above the knee.


Chest protector Ladies/Girls: Mandatory.

Boys: recommended.


Specialist kit:


Foil lame overjacket.

Foil mask with lame bib.

Mask wire.

Electric foil. (U10, size 0, U14 size 3, Adult size 5)



Sabre Mask

Sabre Lame overjacket

Sabre Glove: 800N CEN2. or normal CEN2 800N with a sabre lame overlay. 

Electric sabre (U10 size 0, U14 size 2, Adult size 5)



Epee mask

Electric Epee (U10 size 0, U14 Size 2, Adult size 5)

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